Susie’s Ninja chicken with a leek and mushroom sauce A quick and easy tasty chicken dish, the sauce is very useful as you can use it with other meats and even fish, it is also possible to add different herbs ! I used fresh skinless chicken breasts and a couple of rashers of smoked streaky bacon which wraps round the chicken for cooking... Continue Reading →

When life gets tough, Keto can still survive

The last two months have not been easy months, life has thrown a few curve balls our way, it has had some highs and some lows! I struggle with Winter, I am a sunshine girl, although I love the idea of snuggling up by the fire when it is icy cold outside in reality it... Continue Reading →

Keto Celebration

Last week we had a couple of celebrations, my brother and his wife came back to Wiltshire from the North East of England so we could have a birthday party for his wife who turned 60, lots of fun was had by all , including fair ground rides! Party for my sister in law and... Continue Reading →

Enjoy the moment.

A sudden visit from my brother and his wife threw us straight into party mood ! I only see them a couple of times a year as we live a few hundred miles apart. I adore both of them, we had a weekend long party and my husband on his Keto diet managed so well... Continue Reading →

New toy is a Ninja!

For a long time I have been undecided about air fryers , not really convinced I needed one. Now I cannot believe waited so long to invest in one, especially as my husband has adapted a Keto life style. I have found since the pandemic we simply have not really thought of eating out, safety... Continue Reading →

New inspiration

It has been a very busy couple of weeks , lot has happened. My husband has a special birthday this year and we should have been flying off to Italy, we have decided to wait till spring next earthen hopefully we will all feel safer. I asked him if there was anything special he would... Continue Reading →

A mini break and now back to Keto

So proud of my husband John and his journey on his Keto lifestyle, we have just returned from a short 4 night break in North Wales, our first time away since he started his Keto in February. We both knew he would have small breaks from his normal Keto diet while away but we did... Continue Reading →

Fresh home grown herbs and Keto

Keto diet coming into our lives has changed our outlook on quite a few things in our life including the small garden we have. We are eating a lot more fresh salad than ever before and vegetables, we are also eating more fish and various yogurt dips I make. When making dips with the yogurt... Continue Reading →

Combining mode.

One on Keto, one not ! I had to really learn a lot about adjusting the way I think meals. Suddenly I found I was having to think how many carbs ! How big are the portions , is the ratio right for fat, protein and carbs, and then I learned I still had to... Continue Reading →

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